Our Solution

Here’s the CRAIN solution: this story starts at home with a mobile app that configures a rental car according to your travel’s needs, a car that gets on an high speed train by itself allowing you to cover large distances fast and safe, a car that is re-charged while riding on the train.

The car becomes the train living compartment:

The steering wheel retracts

200908-Volante reclinabile

People can relax or work
enjoying the rail travel experience

The front seats turn


The rental cars have a specific size in order to optimize the space and to make Crain’s transportation capacity equivalent to the transportation capacity of the Business Class in a standard train in pre-Covid age.

Considering the post- Covid age, the capacity of Economy Class is achieved.

The best integration between car and rail system: the car’s battery becomes a key asset of brand new smart grid moving at 300 km/h.


Dedicated CRAIN terminals are located in the outskirt of the large cities mostly redeveloping existing underused freight yards, where a better accessibility for cars is often ensured by the proximity of outer city rings junctions.

Cars to be boarded are moving through virtual lanes with no interference with unboarding cars through a I2V automatic driving system.

Our Values


Weather conditions resilient


Energy efficient Minimizes land use Enhances and redevelops assets


100% safer than road transportation


Scanned, monitored and controlled

A Green Future

for the Next Generation