A “Crain” is a new smart and integrated mobility model, a two-in-one train, where you are allowed to have a rental electric car which will be recharged while being on the train and also using traditional recharging stations if needed.

Each car is loaded and unloaded independently and driverless.

Through the “Crain” you may stay inside your electric rental car as well as your luggage while the train is travelling: no need to drag your luggage in and out.

“Crain” is carried out by a safe double deck high-speed train. The main attraction is the hop-on/hop-off concept.

The “Crain Mobility car” is designed to be like a living suite: on the train, you may stay in the car or walk around.

The main safety feature is that it reduces accidents, due to the fact that when the rail mode is on, it's fully ensured by automatic controls.

“Crain” will take you from point A to B 100 times safer than any road vehicle consuming at least four times less energy than any other existing mode of transport. This type of transport might be in our future easing our traveling around Europe.